Silk Way Airlines USA (“SWA USA”) is delighted to announce that Mr. Fadi Nahas has been appointed as Vice President, The Americas. 

In this role, Mr. Nahas will be responsible for managing business development initiatives on behalf of SWA USA and its affiliated cargo carriers from Azerbaijan, Silk Way Airlines and Silk Way West Airlines (all jointly “Silk Way”), throughout the Americas region.

Wolfgang Meier, President of Silk Way West Airlines, commended Mr. Nahas’ appointment and expressed optimism that under Mr. Nahas’ direction, SWA USA will continue to drive value for Silk Way’s customers while promoting the company’s reputation as one of the world’s premier cargo carriers.

“We believe Fadi’s many years of experience in progressive supply chain, transportation, logistics and sales will add great value to our customers. We are excited to work with him toward strengthening our valued customer relationships and building upon Silk Way’s proven record of success in delivering excellent cargo solutions to customers around the world,” explained Mr. Meier.

As Vice President, Mr. Nahas will also take the lead in facilitating the relationship with Global Feeder Services Holding (“GFS”), the newly appointed exclusive General Sales Agent (GSA) responsible for maintaining and further developing customer and sales activities in the United States of America on SWA USA’s and the carriers’ behalf.

“On behalf of SWA USA, we look forward to working with GFS to strengthen our valued customer relationships and build upon our proven track record for providing worldwide cargo solutions,” explained Mr. Nahas.

With the appointment of GFS, Silk Way’s customers will continue to have one-stop access to the wide-range of air cargo transportation products and the extensive network of destinations served by Silk Way Airlines and Silk Way West Airlines.  Together with SWA USA’s existing teams in Houston, Chicago, and New York, GFS will also continue SWA USA’s goal of achieving the highest possible service levels for Silk Way’s customers.

Mr. Nahas brings more than 30 years of progressive supply chain, transportation, logistics and sales experience in the air cargo industry to his new role at SWA USA, along with over 25 years of management experience.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and General Management from Thomas Edison State College in London, United Kingdom.



About Silk Way Airlines USA:  Silk Way Airlines USA, Inc. (SWA USA) provides a sales network for air cargo transportation via a fleet of 11 wide-body freighters operated by Silk Way Airlines and Silk Way West Airlines, as well as belly-capacity passenger aircraft flown by Azerbaijan Airlines.  The company has offices in New York, Chicago, and Houston.  With a steadily expanding world-wide network of more than 43 destinations, SWA USA offers customers the highest flexibility to meet their cargo transportation needs.  Additionally, with a growing fleet of dedicated freighter aircraft, SWA USA also provides cost-effective and practical charter flight solutions across the globe.


About Global Feeder Services:  Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Global Feeder Services Holding, LLC (GFS) is an air cargo services and transportation company that works in multiple regions world-wide.  Through its subsidiary, Global Feeder Services Ltd. (GFS Ltd.), the company has secured multiple interline agreements with major carriers that extends its global reach and gives freight forwarders the ability to move cargo world-wide professionally, cost effectively and expeditiously.  GFS Ltd. (GC/282) is a U.S. Registered Part 135 airline operating as an on-demand air carrier and a IATA member in good standing.